Tips for using our shop

Tips for using our shop



We have a new online shop since August 2011.
Unfortunately, we could not transfer the old user accounts to the new online shop.
for this reason we kindly ask you to create a new user account id you order for the first time since last August.



  • Are you already registered with us?
Register now and receive the following advantages:
  • Manage personal data here
  • Create alternate delivery addresses
  • Query your order status
  • Manage shopping lists and much more
Please, take into account the following when placing your 1st Purchase Order in the new OMS-Shop

1. Click “Register” on the welcome page!
2. Complete the registration and address data!
without the country code!
    Not forget to click: "I agree to have my personal data saved in accordance
    with the Privacy policy."
3. Click “create account”!
4. Click on the button to receive an email for confirmation!
5. Click on the link “Finalize registration now”
With this registration has been completed.
On the following page you may carry out modifications, i.e. add “shipping address” etc.

Now you are back again in our Shop

On this page you can place your order as usual:

1. Select article(s)
2. Add to the shopping basket, then click on: "Display shopping basket"  -at the right side-
3. Choose method of shipping and payment terms (You can pay by  "Payment in advance"  or "PayPal")
4. To the cash desk
5. Check and correct in case of need
6. Do not forget to click “I have read the GTCT”


Now close your purchase order with "place order"
After that you will receive an email as confirmation of order!

Thank you and happy shopping