Our omnibus model collection

Here you will find the largest omnibus model collection in the world - entered in the Guinness Book of Records -

If you are interested in models, please feel free to contact us with a fair and reasonable price offer.

Many models are no longer available (not even on Ebay).

If you want to complete your collection, you can certainly find something else here.

The models are not in the original packaging and there are no accessories included.

Since the models were in our showcases, color differences may occur.

The collection also includes handcrafted models and conversions, some of which are unique.

If you click on the picture, you have another enlargement and the showcase number on the top left.

Use the left and right arrows to view all showcases (up to 24) in the category.

When making your request, please state: the showcase number (e.g. 5/24) / row / model from the left.

Omnibus model collection